Video: Nesting Dinghy, Quick Disassembly

For 2 years we labored unnecessarily, assembling our dinghy on deck, lifting it in and out of the water with the boom as a crane, and clearing deck space to take apart. One day, while towing Junior in the Caribbean, we had to hastily put him on deck ahead of a squall. We dropped sail, laid a hull, and I hopped into the dinghy to take it apart for the first time in the water. Less than 5 minutes later, Junior was on deck. I was amazed and thrilled by how easy it was, while at the same time I felt foolish over years of wasted efforts.

Now we don’t hesitate to stow our dinghy on deck, even for easy day sails.

For  pictures of building and maintaining Junior check out Nesting Dinghy – Junior.



7 thoughts on “Video: Nesting Dinghy, Quick Disassembly”

  1. Are you all still up at Saint Mary’s ? My Son and I would like to come see you all again and see the magnificient job you all have done.Everything you have accomplished on the Allied SW 30 is absolutely amazing what you have reconstructed her too.


    1. Hi Jimmy,

      We will only be in the boat yard a few more days, but if you are interested in visiting before launching, send us an email and we can arrange a time. Or just stop by!


  2. Brian and Debbie,  greeting. I’ve been following you’re adventures.  Are you all back in the states? I’m thinking I’m going to take Miss McKenna up to Saint Mary’s boat yard and do some refit work on her soon. I sure could use your help if I could hire you. Let me know if you’re available or what direction I need to take on my Allied Seawind 30. Jimmy Allen 904-534-1214

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