Video: Atlantic Crossing 2016

Over the last 2 months, we have sailed across the Atlantic Ocean. We acclimated to living amongst the waves and wind during our two passages. The passage to Bermuda took 10 days, the passage to the Azores, 21. We sailed a total of roughly 3,000 miles (well more than that, if you count going backwards and zigzagging). As we sailed further away from family and friends, we captured short video highlights to share; we miss you all! Thank you Jason McIntrye and Junior Tutweiler, good music seems to make any video exciting!

41 thoughts on “Video: Atlantic Crossing 2016”

  1. Hi there, Nancy’s friend Anne Marie checking in! My dad spent his life on the water as a merchant marine and I can’t ever imagine him doing this! This is crazy awesome and super brave! Always knew this was happening somewhere in the periphery of my brain, but this video solidifies it for me. I won’t go another day without remembering you in my prayers!

    Godspeed and God bless you!

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    1. Thanks Stacey! The dolphins video was a good moment, many times its hard to see them when the waves are higher. Hope you’re enjoying some of Jason’s great music, live in Denver.


  2. Soo cool! Looks like you had some pretty heavy winds at some parts. Congratulations on your voyage you salty sailors


      1. A few more crossings and you will have as much experience as me. By the way, how is the Norvane working out? I am thinking about getting one.

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      2. No major problems with the Norvane; we have just recently replaced a couple of bearings that were included in the cruising spares kit. I think it has lasted 13,ooo+ miles so far, and it seems great for the price.


  3. Great video! Lost count, but must have watched it 3-4 times already. Had me with the opening piece, not many sounds beat that of the sail going up before a passage. Then there are the rail shots, and those from the companionway, oh, the goose bumps! All the work paid off. Have fun and sail safe.

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