Cockpit Footwell

Seawinds were designed with large cockpit footwells. If confronted with a survival storm, we plan to lay to a series drogue, exposing our stern to breaking waves. This makes a strong, small volume cockpit essential. 

Our new design accomplished this by overbuilding our new companionway into the forward portion of our cockpit, and adding a series drogue box in the aft portion. Between these two, we laid a new plywood/fiberglass sole. This fit overtop the hole we cutout when removing the engine. Everything is structurally reinforced by our new cockpit locker bulkheads and dividers. Now our stern is much stronger and feels secure.

4 thoughts on “Cockpit Footwell”

  1. Hi Brian and Debbie, Wow! Your efforts are enormous and documentation very detailed. I’m sure others with boats will find your reports very helpful. Love Dad

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