A little note of thanks

New Year’s Day dinner is my favorite holiday meal. We made it happen aboard Dawn Treader, with peas, rice, spicy greens and crunchy scallions to top it all off. Instead of cornbread, I made a mildly sweet citrus cake. We only have one stovetop Omnia oven, and we had to make a choice. The meal was lovely, the hot sauce flowed, and I was proud of myself for creating a table full of festive holiday dishes from our small galley. This was the first New Year’s Day dinner I can remember away from my family and their wonderful versions of this traditional, good energy for the New Year food.

This year, the food of New Year’s Day represents something different to me, something special and important. Legumes and rice are a Dawn Treader staple; they are the main fuel that keep us going (although we also consume a lot of oats). Now that I’ve been cruising for a while, I feel my favorite New Year’s food is also a celebration of the food that makes us happy all year round, budget friendly, shelf stable, simple favorites that help us travel and thrive.

Thank you, beans and rice, for being our jolly and loyal travel companion.

12 thoughts on “A little note of thanks”

  1. What a delightful way to observe the New Year. Traditional but very exceptional because of the caring that went along with the preparing. Love you both! Mom/Nancy

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  2. Hi Guys, I wanted to send you this unfinished table I started to help you ID your pelagic birds. I ordered another copy of the Seabirds book so I can help you anticipate what might be moving out in the mid-Atlantic while you travel to Brazil.

    Looking forward to following your path out at sea.

    Love Dad/Chuck

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