Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 11

December 18, 2018
Days distance: 134 nautical miles
Total distance: 900 nautical miles
Prominent Feature: Heading out to open ocean, course set for The Falklands 1800 Position: 47-35’S 063-10’W

Today has been a wonderful day. We made great progress sailing 134 miles in a comfortable sea. Enormous fin whales came within 10 feet of Dawn Treader. One even exhaled some whale breath mist into my face. We saw another boat, a ship named Ben Rinnes. We have gone nearly a week since we have seen another vessel, so it was nice to see another dude out and about. Our biggest news though is that we have altered course for a straight line to the Falklands. We had been staying close to the coast to avoid the larger seas, to make westing for a better final course, and to stay in the vicinity of a number of different bail out harbors and anchorages. The latest forecast looks pretty good and we hope to cover the last 300 miles in 4 or so days. We are keeping our fingers crossed we will arrive in time to catch the Puerto Stanley Christmas Carolers. 134 miles! Great day!

8 thoughts on “Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 11”

  1. Such great news! I’ll be praying that the last 300 are as smooth as today’s. Are the puerto Stanley Christmas Carolers waiting for your arrival? They should be. If they have one of those opportunities to say who came the farthest to hear them, you just might take the prize. Love, mom


  2. Wow I just looked up fin whales and they are the second largest animal to ever live on the earth. They can get up to 85 ft long. If you can mention how many you saw in your post for tomorrow I would be very interested in knowing. Mom


  3. So cool about whale breath – no doubt that’s a great sign… Prayers for safe travels, fair winds and small following seas…


  4. WOW! I can’t even about the whales and the whale spray to the face. HOW COOL. Prayers for wind are helping I see, very cool. Dawn Treader has a lot of support y’all, so keep on keepin’ on! Love LP

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