Hello from Cape Verde

Tuesday-November 22, 2016-Sao Vicente, Cape Verde

We arrived in Cape Verde a week ago after a fast sail from La Gomera. Cliff shadows in La Gomera, sail shadows en route to Cape Verde, and overcast skies here in Mindelo have us watching our solar meter. We have ideas for blog posts (and internet!) but are hesitant to charge the computer. For now, in brief, we are enjoying our time in Cape Verde, and slowly getting into work mode to prepare Dawn Treader for her anticipated 2017 Atlantic crossing. This week, we may be the only ones in the anchorage celebrating Thanksgiving, but we think it will be a good one nevertheless. Happy Thanksgiving to all our family and friends back in the USA!

14 thoughts on “Hello from Cape Verde”

  1. Hope you continue to enjoy your time in Cape Verde! I spent a few months in there, but only a weekend in São Vicente. Will you have a chance to visit other islands before crossing the Atlantic?


    1. We may sail to Sao Nicolau before moving on to Praia to obtain our Brazilian visas. While in Mindelo we might take the ferry to Santo Antao. Not sure beyond that. I was in Sal and Brava a few years ago my first time through. Do you have any recommendations? I see you were recently in Houston! I was born there and lived a long time in Galveston. Brian


      1. You already know the archipelago better than I do, so no real recommendations! One thing I missed though when I was there was to visit one of the smaller, less populated islands. I had my eyes set on Fogo, which should also have less barren landscapes. Cool, another Houstonian! You guys seem to have a knack for blogging, as several have already reached out since I published that post 🙂 Safe trips, looking forwards for continuing to read about this fantastic trip. Verne


  2. Love your blog and following your travels and learning from your experiences. Hope to do the same type of cruising someday in a similar good old boat.


    1. Thanks Rick! What boats are you thinking about? Email us if you have any questions, we would be happy help if we can. We would love to see some more good old boats out here!


  3. Good to hear from you in Mindelo. Don’t know if you considered it but we sailed into Tarrafal, an easy to enter anchorage on the NW side of Santiago and took the shared taxi bus across the spectacular road to Praia to get our Brazil visas. Praia is somewhat exposed to south winds that can pop up from time to time. Also, better security than being anchored off the capital city. It took two trips to get the visas and provisioning done but was an enjoyable cross-island tour. Or you could stop in Tarrafal and then sail on to Praia if needed.

    s/v Atom


  4. Happy Thanksgiving Brian and Debbie!

    I hope you enjoy the holidays in Cape Verde. I look forward to seeing pictures! We are headed to Fredericksburg to spend Thanksgiving with Jennifer and Kyle. I wish you were going to join us as well.

    My love to you both, Heather


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