Workday in Puerto Penasco, Mexico

Every challenge has its reward. Dawn Treader’s refits have taught us many lessons. She is a beautiful, enduring, seaworthy boat. Like any boat, she also needs to be renewed from time to time.

Brian executed Dawn Treader’s first refit in 2011. Our second took place in 2015. In between, he contemplated changes while sailing a North Atlantic loop. As beginners, we appreciated James Baldwin’s ( advice and help during our work on the East Coast of the United States. We left the East Coast in 2016 to sail a series of voyages and cruise in between. Dawn Treader proved capable and ready-no matter what was asked of her. 

Now we are back in the boatyard. But, we are on the west side of the Americas, in Puerto Penasco, Mexico. We took a long way to get here, around South America, through the Beagle channel and the Straits of Magellan.

We are here because maintenance and repair projects have built up over the years. And we would like to modify the boat to prepare for sailing in high latitudes again. We will undo some of our mistakes from earlier refits and we will make changes based on our experience.

2022 Refit: Alaska Prep & Upkeep

Sailboat Insulation, V-Berth

  1. Dismantle and Refit Plan
  2. Headliner Removal and Surface Prep
  3. Tabbing Bulkheads and Hull-Deck Joint
  4. Building Overhead Frames
  5. Epoxied Frames
  6. New Plywood Headliner

Previous Refits


Interior Systems

Engine and Steering


Finish and Miscellaneous