Every challenge has its reward. Dawn Treader’s refit has given us many lessons. She is a lovely old boat, renewed in her strength, and ready for ocean voyages.

Our work has been done intermittently since 2011, and we did much of our brainstorming while sailing an Atlantic Loop in 2014. As beginners, we are thankful for James Baldwin’s ( advice and help.

When choosing our jobs list, we have focused on enhancing the safety and comfort of Dawn Treader. This list is incomplete for now, but most of the refit is included. Although boat maintenance will surely persist, we hope these efforts keep us exploring for a long time.


Boat Bottom Repair and Paint

Cockpit Footwell

Cockpit Lockers

Compression Post

Deck Core

Deck Joint


Watertight Companionway

Interior Systems

Video: Cubic Mini Cub Wood Stove


Navigation Station

Plumbing: Bucket Sink Galley,  Head,  Building an Integral Water Tank,  Integral Water Tank Part 2Integral Water Tank: Summary and Repair

Ventilation: Forward Hatch,  Small Hatch and Vents,  Watertight Companionway

Engine and Steering

Engine Removal – New Outboard

Propeller Aperture

Tiller Conversion




Jordan Series Drogue

Finish & Miscellaneous


Exterior Paint

Interior Paint, Interior Paint 2

Nesting Dinghy – Junior

V-berth Insulation

Video: Refinishing the Bowsprit