Engine Removal – New Outboard

We decided to remove out Yanmar 3GM30F and its related systems in favor of a 6 horsepower Tohatsu Sailpro Outboard Engine. We haven’t had the need for all the power of the 27 horsepower diesel. We now have more valuable space and hopefully less maintenance! By removing the inboard engine we are now able to divide the aft third of the boat into watertight compartments. We’ll update more about that project later!

Our cockpit underwent construction. A new sol was put in (look for that post soon). We built a bracket for our new outboard mount out of aluminum, and we can’t wait to test it out!

2 thoughts on “Engine Removal – New Outboard”

  1. Hello – Nice job on the engine removal and outboard engine mounting. I like the idea and might do it myself on my own boat, a Pacific Seacraft Orion. Is the 6-hp working well or do you need more horsepower?



    1. Hi Ross, the 6hp is working well. I would like to experiment with a lighter 2 stroke engine that can be stowed below decks at sea, but so far we have not had any issues with the engine permanently on the transom.


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