Boat Cushions

New cushions! We thought the project daunting, but instead, it was actually a small part of our refit commitment. The key was to have a large organized workspace. Thank you to Debbie’s parents and their ping pong table. The new cushions are more comfortable than the tired old versions, and the updated fabric makes the cabin feel fresh.

As beginners, we did not expect a perfect result from this project, so we are pleased with our work. In the v-berth, the forward cushion did not quite fit after installing insulation, so we trimmed it to fit a bit loosely in its cover. We never created the center cushion, but are happy regardless. It is not pictured, but we did use a polyester batting around our foam. It helps fill the fabric, but does not seem necessary. It may eventually be tossed, as it interferes with the velcro.

Our new challenge is to keep the fabric clean. We’ll see how that goes…

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