V-berth Insulation

A perfect job for last winter, the v-berth insulation project kept us working, and kept us warmer. Aside from cutting large sheets of material on the dock, we had an easy inside job.  Once we decided on the materials, we finished in 2 days! After contemplating the options for too long, this was pleasant surprise! We chose two layers of insulation. The R3 foam we used provides convective insulation against the cold and may dampen the noise from the sea a bit. We used the reflectix insulation against the hull, as a shield from the sun’s radiant heat, to keep the v-berth cooler. We have heard it will increase our radar signature too, but we are somewhat skeptical.

3 thoughts on “V-berth Insulation”

  1. Outstanding, looks great too. The reflective material was a good thought for heat control in Vberth. Even with the A/C on Miss McKenna the temp difference is from Vberth to main cabin is close to 5-8 degrees difference.
    Are you all still on the other side of the Atlantic? Be safe.

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  2. Your Posts and pictures are most valuable as always , keeps my project going and I have 1″ insulation available from Germany here in CT with an R 16 . Look a lot like the silver bible rap but it has 5 breathable layers and no of gassing . You can find it under http://www.amnova.us and look for ” thin” , cheers Harald , Triton 405


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