Ventilation became a high priority after sailing in rougher weather to the Azores. The cabin was stale and claustrophobic! We now have three air-only ventilators (watertight even in a capsize). Two vent cowls were added for the main cabin, and one low profile vent with electric fan was installed for the head.

We also added a new hatch under our nesting dinghy. Because of its protected position, this Lewmar Ocean 30 stays open in most conditions (when the dinghy is stowed). In combination, the new air-only ventilators, small protected hatch, forward hatch, and companionway complement 4 original port holes and give Dawn Treader many ventilation options.


3 thoughts on “Ventilation”

  1. Oh boy Padagonia , I am jelous and can’t wait to hear and see your adventures . Got back from my navigation class in USVI and now I know that “True Vergins Make Dull Companions , add Wiskey ” Of course there are some more political correct ways of remembering this acrinon , oh well.
    Working on my aft water tank now and moved two cockpit thrue hulls aft to start with the raised cockpit sole like did in preparation of the new watertight companionway hatch . So your sink does not drain out anymore ? Is that what the bucket is for ? Thanks for your blog and sharing your improvements with others , Harald triton #405


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