Tiller Conversion

A previous owner of Dawn Treader had converted its tiller to  rack and pinion wheel steering (bronze components and housing made this a heavy option). Simplicity, performance with wind vane, and weight reduction led us to change back to tiller. During the conversion, rotten deck core was replaced, vent cowls were sealed, a laminated tiller and new hardware (stainless steel cleats, main sheet wench, and main sheet blocks) were added.

2 thoughts on “Tiller Conversion”

  1. I love your site! Thank you for sharing all your great work and journeys!

    What were the tiller dimensions (length and butt width and height)?

    And which tiller head did you choose?


    1. Hello, thank you, and sorry, we are just now seeing this comment. We made the tiller by laminating strips of hardwood together. We are not sure of the dimensions. It was made to fit.


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