Bobstay tang was encapsulated in a resin block and unserviceable. A new bobstay fitting was purchased and mounted higher on the stem. The new bobstay area was reinforced with fiberglass.

2 thoughts on “Bobstay”

    1. Hi Don, sorry this post lacks detail, someday we may go back and update it. For now I will try to detail the repair a little here. The bobstay fitting was bought through spartan marine . Where it was placed, near the apex of the bow stem’s curve made for a similar if not exact bobstay angle. This meant all the loads would be the same and so I replaced the bobstay wire with what was there previously 5/8″. This seems like overly strong wire. It was simple making up the wire with sta-lok mechanical terminals and a turnbuckle for tensioning and a toggle for absorbing untrue loads. Looking back I doubt the extra fiberglass was necessary and it is not a very efficient way of reinforcing, but it certainly can’t hurt. I did have to bed the backing plate in thickened epoxy to make a flat mating surface.


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