Video: Brazil to Uruguay

Brazil is ENORMOUS!  2000 miles and 7 months later and we have still only seen a minuscule fraction of this fascinating, beautiful, energetic country.  In the maps of our minds, we have now illuminated the coast of Brazil from Salvador to Rio Grande do Sul.  It was at times a difficult journey, but we have made it to Uruguay, Brazil’s small but understated neighbor to the south.  Here we have been staying put in the truly tranquil port of Piriapolis as we get to know a new place that before now was only familiar by recognition of name.  Our mental maps continue to grow and focus.

These videos are a joy to make because we get to listen to our friends of while we put them together.  Lemont has a new album out and it is awesome, please go check them out if you want to hear more!!





15 thoughts on “Video: Brazil to Uruguay”

  1. Brazil is huge, however I was only able to spend a month there and I hardly got to wrap my head around Sao Paulo alone!! To spend as much time as you have there must be amazing 🙂

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      1. Hopefully! I spent a few days in 5 or 6 places so although we didn’t get too familiar with anywhere, it was a great experience. Sailing the coastline does sound amazing though!

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  2. It is so good to read your posts about Brazil. I agree with you, the country is enormous and varied, and endlessly interesting. I have only seen a small part of it (Sao Paolo, Parana, and Espiritu Santo), but I was left with the desire to explore.


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    1. It is very (extremely) difficult to sail south from the Amazon due to strong opposing winds and currents. Most visitors to the Amazon are sailing the opposite direction. Perhaps someday if we return back that direction we would call on the river.


  3. Hi Brian and Debbie, it’s great to finally see your Brazil video! Hopefully you’ll get back to Ubatuba and we’ll do some sailing together. Good luck down south!


  4. We love your blog – living vicariously thru your adventures like sooo many people! You video’s are a special treat – you do a great job sharing this wonderful journey. please keep the production studio churning them out…
    These Days II

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    1. Thanks Chip! We do enjoy making the videos. We will keep them coming. We have bought a new camera and we are looking forward to shooting with something other than an iPhone or GoPro.


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