Piriapolis to The Falkland Islands: Day 1

Day 1 distance: 115nm
Weather: light southerly then calm. West to North wind filling in through morning and day to 15-18kts. Waves 4-5 feet. Prominent feature: Crossing the Rio de la Plata.

Yesterday late afternoon we left Piriapolis and we left Uruguay. We motored south against a decaying headwind in hopes to catch the first breath of a new fair breeze later in the evening. We cut the engine a few miles offshore and sailed slowly close hauled. A pleasant sunset coincided with the last of the southerly and we were becalmed. A lingering swell made waiting for the wind’s return uncomfortable as Dawn Treader rolled and heaved with vigor. We both became mildly seasick. I started the engine to give Dawn Treader some way in hopes to dampen her spirited motion. Our little ship was like a horse chomping at the bit. After motoring for a couple hours I detected a slight wind. I turned the engine off and hoisted full sail. We made 2 to 3 knots on a beam reach. I hand steered because there was not enough apparent wind for the auto pilot to work. An hour later at 3am the wind was strong enough to engage the auto pilot. It continued to strengthen and we were slicing through
bioluminescent enriched water at 6 knots. I went down to my bunk to finish the watch in comfort, popping my head outside every 10 minutes or so to check on things.

Debbie relieved me at sunrise and Dawn Treader continues at a wonderful pace. Today is great sailing, but our fair wind is suppose to get finicky tomorrow afternoon somewhere off Mar Del Plata. We are sailing toward The Falkland Islands and we hope to make it in a couple weeks.

4 thoughts on “Piriapolis to The Falkland Islands: Day 1”

  1. Great to hear your stories of travel again – with a mix of envy, admiration and just plain jealous… fair winds and following seas. keep on bloggin’


  2. So good to hear y’all are on your way. Sounds like a bit of a rough start but the bioluminescence in the water sounds beautiful. I’ll be praying for good sailing conditions for you. Mom


  3. Stuck in a boatyard in Trinidad waiting on a new gearbox. Enjoy being in Little England and enjoy that first pint in the pub when you arrive in Stanley. Remember the war dead. It was their country all along (look at the history) but the tail end of Empire meant we had just enough military muscle to grab it back.

    Fair winds, but that’s asking a lot.


  4. Falklands! That was a surprise, thought P. Williams was the next stop. Hope the weather cooperates given the area’s reputation of cold, wet and wind. Stay safe!


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