Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 10

December 17, 2018
Days distance: 65 nautical miles
Total distance: 796nm
Prominent Feature: crossing the Golfo San Jorge
1800 Position: 44-34’S 064-30’W

We were more or less becalmed most of the night. What ever breeze there was the sails spilled with every roll in the large residual swell from the previous day’s strong winds. At 2 am the wind picked up and the swell diminished and we were on our way. We reeled off 65 glorious miles in what is becoming a typical pattern of prolonged light winds followed by a strong breeze. We bounced around as we close reached in choppy seas at 6 knots. By noon the wind reduced to a gentle breeze, but Dawn Treader continued along comfortably on a close reach. The day was sunny and we took advantage by showering with our garden sprayer bottle filled with water from the kettle. Deb made veggie soup and we cleaned up the cabin. We are feeling refreshed and ready to tackle the next 500 miles to The Falklands. Once across the Golfo San Jorge we plan to head out to open water with the prevailing westerlies. Hopefully we make better speed, since our course will be more downwind.

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