Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 12

December 19, 2018
Days distance: 67 nautical miles
Total distance: 967 nautical miles
Prominent Feature: 260 miles to The Falkland Islands
1800 Position: 48-40’S 063-08’W

We made unexpectedly good progress last night against a light southeasterly. The seas were small so we were able to harness the wind without spilling it each roll. This put us more than 60 miles on the day. We are becalmed now and drifting in the wrong direction. We may motor for a few hours to better position ourselves for the northwesterly wind expected sometime after midnight. This should be the wind to take us the rest of the way to Port Stanley. We only brought 8 gallons of gas and we burned 2 in the Rio de la Plata. 6 gallons gives us a range of about 60 miles. If we burn a gallon or two this evening we should still have plenty for maneuvering about Port Stanley. The forecast looks good with nothing heavy on the chart until Christmas which give us plenty of time, but we are ready for an ice cream and beer so we may motor a bit just the same.

To answer your question, Mom, it is hard to say how many fin whales there were yesterday. We saw two surface simultaneously so definitely at least two. I think there may have been four but that is just a guess.

Now, I think I am going to go ruin the serenity of this southern ocean calm with the racket of a 6 horsepower outboard engine….or maybe not, we just got a slight puff and we are moving again, perhaps the serenity is saved.

2 thoughts on “Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 12”

  1. Ah the dreaded motor don’t do it! Great to hear of you heading on to new places, you are certainly off of the beaten track. We just had to motor for 12 hours to get to Sydney harbour for Christmas before the wind turned foul. Forecast was a 10 knot reach over night, we got drifty 6 knots then 35 knot squall then nothing. ho hum that’s weather forecasts for you… Say hi to the Penguins for us. Merry Christmas.


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