Leaving Cape Verde for Brazil

Our time in Cape Verde has come to an end. We cleared out with immigration, left Mindelo, and sailed to Brava for a short visit before the Brazil passage. Brava is hard to bypass. It is a quiet Island with friendly residents. Farms dot the mountainsides on steep terraces.

We walked some of the footpaths and were accompanied by one of the local dogs. She hiked with us for 6 hours. Debbie named her Stevie.

Now we are all set for departure. The dinghy is lashed to the deck, the water tank is full, and the sail covers are removed. This picturesque anchorage is lovely and has made us hesitant to weigh anchor. But a swell has developed, making Dawn Treader roll uncomfortably. It seems a good time to get going and we think we are leaving in the morning. Brazil here we come!

13 thoughts on “Leaving Cape Verde for Brazil”

  1. Hi guys,

    I think Stevie wanted to be your official mate! We are thinking of you and wishing you safe and comfortable travel to Brazil!!!



  2. We think about you both every day! We have become armchair sailors as we follow your adventures.
    Have a safe sail to Brazil. We love you! Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan

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    1. Thanks Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan! It is wonderful to hear from you! We are thinking of you both too, and we heard your place in Vermont is lovely. We hope for a safe passage to Brazil, and we are almost ready to weigh anchor. Love to you both!


  3. Now
    Age59, lagoon 440, starting a circumnavigation

    Age34, Pearson 34, Atlantic circuit

    Gosh, your pics and enthusiasm take me back. Love it that you are doing it the old way. A bucket for a sink – brilliant. I now have money but not youth. You have youth – one of life’s treasures unsung by those who possess it. You are laying down a lifetime of memories right now. Respect.


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  4. hi ..if you are planning to do a stop in Ilhabela please contact me …I want to kw you and the boat and Ican help some information if you need.

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  5. Hello! I’m wondering which place you’ve stopped at. I’m traveling from California on motorcycle a little over a year and a half now. I’m headed north up the coast of Brazil, currently in Vitoria. I’d love to meet up with you guys – lots of interest in sailing. I’m from Vermont, my uncle David told me to reach out to you!



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