Brazil! Baia de Todos os Santos

World cruising is challenging and difficult, but we have tools to avoid struggle. Mentor and good friend James Baldwin has generously given us his invaluable advice, and the simple insights that have echoed most in my mind are “keep the boat driving,” and “it doesn’t have to be a struggle.” To prevent or reduce struggle we adapt. To adapt we endure and adjust. Over time we are becoming stronger and smarter.

We are currently adapting to some new circumstances, and have an opportunity to learn and grow. On February 25th, we were boarded by armed pirates while at anchor off the town of Maragojipe . They approached in a small fishing boat just after nightfall, surprising us minutes after they had quietly robbed our German friends aboard Lotte. We were the only two cruising boats in a very dark anchorage that felt quite distant and separate from the town center, busy with carnival.

No one was harmed in the incidents, and together with our friends, we motored away from Maragojipe, to the the mouth of the river Paraguacu that night, and then back to Itaparica the next morning. We followed charts on our backup iPad, which we are very glad to have, as most of our devices are gone. Without our computer, etc. our blog will be more delayed and limited, but we hope to eventually share videos and writing from our recent Atlantic crossing. For now, we will try and post short updates with a few pictures as we are able.

Here in Itaparica, we are enjoying the small neighborhood of cruising sailors, the town and its friendly people, and the preparations for our next passage to Ilha Grande. Thoughts of the robbery still crowd into our minds, but we continue to focus on next steps, what we can learn from the experience, and how to adapt, now that our simple boat has less electronics. We look forward to sailing south soon, to Ilha Grande and beyond.

22 thoughts on “Brazil! Baia de Todos os Santos”

  1. Wonder on occasion about what would I do when being invaded like that , what do you do ? Thankfully you are ok (even that expression “OK ” in this incident is rubbing me wrong as it refers to not being killed ww1 )
    I guess separating the occurring , what happened , getting robbed , from the stories that we could make up about it in our heads is the key . You are still persewing your dream and are moving on . Thanks for your post and congratulation on your Atlantic crossing , Harald ( Oyster )

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  2. Thank goodness you are safe. I wish there was something concrete that we could do to help, but I guess thinking good thoughts about you both is the best we can do from this distance! You are in our prayers — much love, Aunt Susan & Uncle Jim

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  3. Brian and Debbie,

    I am so thankful that you are both safe. Hopefully your travels will go smoothly, although not easily I am sure without your electronics. If there is anything at all that we can do to help you, please let us know.


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  4. Hell, that is tough after such a long passage and has the danger of colouring your view of the country. Back in 2005 we cruised Venezuela for the second time but the writing was on the wall as regards safety and we took a chance we wouldn’t do again. Outside the boatyard a shop was selling cigarettes two at a time and women’s tampons one at a time. Faced with such poverty people are driven to extreme acts.

    Luckily you won’t present as a rich target and that should help. Perhaps have some sacrificial items ready to give away if, god forbid, it happens again.

    Was boarded at night in Dominica by a gentleman thief who trod around the sleeping bodies and only made off with money. He hit three boats in the anchorage and only in the morning did we know.

    Your text suggests you are traumatised. It will pass.

    Best wishes, Gerry

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  5. There is little to say that has not already been said but we are thankful you are both “safe”and can work on recovering from this and reviewing based on it. Continue to be diligent – this big old world is filled with all kinds of people – hopefully you’re through with that kind for the rest of your adventure. Prayers for Peace, Safety and Healing…

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  6. We are so sorry to read this, it sounds terrifying. We are however very glad you are both safe. Thinking of you.
    Amy, Matt, Florence & The Machine

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  7. Horrible to hear, seems to be one of the realitys of cruising off the beaten path in the 21st century…
    on an unrealated note, how many gallons of water do you carry under the cabin sole? did you use a food safe epoxy something to coat the inside? if so what?


    1. Hi Ben! Sorry our response is late, we have been away from internet. The tank holds 65 gallons and we used brew coat epoxy for the coating. Are you considering a similar mod on Crackertail?


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