Video: Sailing from Cape Verde to Brazil

Our blogging hiatus is over! We have new electronics and a new video!

Early this year we had an great passage from Brava, Cape Verde to Salvador, Brazil. The first minute of our new video shows clips from day one of an 18 day voyage. We set sail on a very wavy day, and had fresh winds for three days. I think we have more footage from day one, as I was trying to distract myself from being seasick. We also took film of our favorite sunrises, sunsets, and moments at sea as we settled into the Northeast Tradewinds, crossed the Doldrums without delay, and caught the Southeast Tradewinds to Brazil. Our average daily run was 112 miles, and we look back on the passage fondly; the rhythm of life at sea was ideal.

Many thanks to Jason McIntyre and the band Lemont for allowing us to pair our videos with their songs. Their new album is awesome. Find more of their music at

Thanks for watching!


5 thoughts on “Video: Sailing from Cape Verde to Brazil”

  1. Nice , great to hear from you both , has been a while . Stopped work on Oyster and refurbished a 1958 Spartan imperial villa in an emergency for our new tiny home . My son getting married in 3 weeks and than back to my person triton and finish painting . Keep it coming as I am living vicariously thrue people like you , Harald


  2. Ahhhhh! So good to see DT in action again. The waves in then first part of the vid look like small mountains to this south Georgia gal. Tunes are rad! Tread on, love LP


  3. Just watched your crossing video , beautiful, please add some times of year that you pic to cross and perhaps some do,s and don’t’ for traveling in a small boat , love your journey, Harald


    1. Thanks Harald. That is a good idea for a post. Sailing from Cape Verde to Brazil can be done anytime of the year. We crossed at a good time because the ITCZ was further south and narrow, allowing for fairer more consistent winds throughout the passage. I will try to work on a more detailed write up when time allows!


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