Piriapolis to Falklands: Day 5

Days distance: 35 nautical miles
Total distance: 442 nm
Prominent Feature: slow progress

Today was our worst day mileage wise. We made 34 miles and most of those have been in the last 6 hours since the wind has filled in from the northeast. It was a pleasant lazy day. We ate and we slept. We are beginning to get into the sea going routine and almost caught up on rest. We saw our first Penguins. They were Magellanic Penguins. They looked funny in the water, almost like ducks. I had really only ever seen Penguins on TV and they were always on land looking penguiny not ducky. But like our first Albatross off Ilha Bella, seeing our first Penguins feels like an accomplishment.

This northeasterly breeze is supposed to stick for awhile. It will probably get up to near gale force tomorrow ahead of a frontal passage an southerly winds on Friday. And while the sailing will surely be less comfortable with the growing sea, we are looking forward to making some good miles again.

One thought on “Piriapolis to Falklands: Day 5”

  1. Brian and Debbie,

    Thank you so much for your updates! It’s wonderful knowing how you are doing on your trip and your daily updates are certainly fascinating as well. You have mentioned a few sailing terms that I need to Google!!! Wow, penguins!!! What a special sighting!!! Please keep the updates coming. Your dad, Kyle and I are headed to Cancun tomorrow to visit Jennifer and Marcelo. We are looking so forward to spending time with them and Jessie and meeting Kyle’s girlfriend. As always, you will be with us in spirit. We love you both and miss you!

    Safe travels!


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