Piriapolis to Falklands: Day 6

December 13, 2018
Days distance: 121 nautical miles
Total distance: 563 nm
Prominent Feature: Crossing Golfo San Matias
Position: 42-23.2′ S, 061-58.4 W

The Northeast wind has continued through the entire day. We have been sailing dead downwind with our mainsail and genoa in a wing on wing configuration. This set likes to have an over reefed mainsail to keep the helm in balance. Last night we sailed with 2 reefs in the main and I hesitated to reduce sail further so as to maintain Dawn Treader’s good drive. She was yawing about more than I like but the waves weren’t too big and therefore we weren’t in danger of a bad broach. At 4 am Dawn Treader unexpectedly rounded up into a semi hove-to position. The windvane autopilot to tiller line had parted. The windvane was working hard because of Dawn Treader’s yawing and perhaps the rope was a bit worn. I put on my rain gear since the night was splashy, and I retied the rope. We turned back downwind and I went forward to put a third reef in the main. I unfurled the genoa a roll or two and we were off again, this time much better balanced and the windvane steered Dawn Treader strai ght.

The wind is supposed to continue fairly brisk until early tomorrow. Then there will be a front or a low passing bringing a wind shift of strongish Southwesterly headwinds. We expect to spend some time hove to (this time intentionally) to wait for the breeze to turn fair again.

2 thoughts on “Piriapolis to Falklands: Day 6”

  1. …always been fascinated with the idea of being “hove-to”, even played around with it on Lake Lanier once but without much success as I recall. I watch my mail for these posts and want to be a very early contributor to fund the Adventures Dawn Treader ebook with lots of video and photos.


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