Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 14

December 21, 2018
Days distance: 95 nautical miles
Total distance: 1151 nautical miles
Prominent Feature: 89 miles to The Falkland Islands
1800 Position: 50-44S 059-43W

We experienced some light winds overnight so we have come up short on our anticipated daily run. However, the wind is back and we are still on track for an arrival tomorrow. We have emailed Customs and the Harbor Authority to give them 24 hours notice to arrival. Upon arrival to the islands it is another 30 miles to Stanley and there may be light winds. We are glad we saved our fuel! The anticipation is building in both of us. Landfalls are one of the most exciting parts of what we do and it has been a long time since we have had a big landfall. That, coupled with the fact we have been dreaming of the southern high latitudes for so long and we are finally here, makes for a pretty excited crew. It looks like we are just in time, the forecast calls fore some strong weather in a couple days and hopefully we are nooked into Stanley enjoying our Christmas in a new and exciting place.

3 thoughts on “Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 14”

  1. I’m so excited for you. I have been diligently watching your progress and it finally seems you will be arriving in the near future. I hope to talk with y’all on Christmas if that’s possible. Stanley sounds like a lovely place to spend the holiday. I too get very excited when you make landfall after a long journey. It’s fun and reassuring to see you round the corner into a safe harbor. Love you both. Mom


  2. Welcome to Stanley,
    You will be over the moon (brit expression) that my saildrive should be here after New Year. I know you’ve been worrying…..

    So, soon you shall immerse yourself in a different culture. The US did really well as they were friends with both Argentina and the UK at the time. A difficult position. They sold the Argies as the UK tabloids called them the bombs for the planes. Now here is the thing. The “Argie” air force were really good and landed lots of bombs on our ships but our friends the US denied the “Argies” the information necessary to adjust the fuses so that the bombs would go off at very low altitude. Many bombs dropped on the ships but they rattled around on the bottom without going off!

    The conscripted army on the islands didn’t match the airforce and we kicked the sh*t out of them so won the war. It was a professional soldier against one conscripted against their will. Plus that their officers deserted them at the critical time. Not good.

    All this will give you a talking point in the pub and a connection with recent history.

    Well done for getting so far South. Will keep an eye out for your emails.



  3. That’s great news and you’ll get to see what I would guess to be a proper English Christmas… blew like stink here – connector dock taking waves over the top. Safe travels – following seas – fair winds…


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