Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 15 Arrival!

December 22, 2018
Days distance: 95 nautical miles
Total distance: 1246 nautical miles
Prominent Feature: In Port Stanley
1800 Position: Port Stanley Moody Brooks anchorage

We have arrived to the Falkland Islands. We are in a snug anchorage and Debbie is making hot soup with the last of our produce. Tomorrow morning we will motor to the town dock to complete formalities. The approach to the Falklands was a windy one. We had to beat into Port William sound and then motor sail the last 8 miles against strong katabatic winds. Our little outboard engine performed marvelously and we made it to the anchorage without issue. Debbie and I are incredibly excited, the town looks colorful and inviting and the wildlife is abundant. The skin on our faces feel stretched by the wind and we are thoroughly caked in salt but we are truly glad. Glad to be here, glad to be safe, glad to be still. Merry Christmas everybody.

11 thoughts on “Piriapolis, Uruguay to The Falklands: Day 15 Arrival!”

  1. I so enjoyed your commentary on the trip to Priapolis. I had to look up a few of the nautical terms, but that only helped me picture your and Deb at sea. I hope you have a great Christmas! I look forward to reading about it.

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  2. Merry Merry Christmas, Deb and Brian. We look forward to your posts each day, and are so glad you have arrived in the Falklands safe and sound!
    Uncle Jim and Aunt Susan


  3. Congratulations on another hard-earned successful passage. The Falklands seems to be a windswept but beautiful place with several good anchorages. Looking forward to hear about what you find there. All the best for the holidays.


  4. awaiting an update on the latest adventures of the Dawn Treader Crew! Hope all is well and you are enjoying the new year -Chip


  5. Hey Brian! How’s life treating you?! I was admittedly behind but from catching up on the voyage log entries it sounds as though you are having an amazing time. Fair winds amigo!


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