Video: Short Sail in Uruguay

We recently sailed from Juan Lacaze to Piriapolis in the Rio de la Plata in Uruguay. This is the first step towards getting moving after a summer spent dockside.

10 thoughts on “Video: Short Sail in Uruguay”

  1. Brian and Debbie, are you heading back up to Brazil for the winter? That would be great! There are a lot of places you missed on your quick passage through. I’ll have my boat in the water (finally!) and would love to show you around.
    Mark (Taigun in Ubatuba)

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    1. Hi Mark, great to hear from you! We plan to sail to Rio Grande do Sul in a couple weeks. We don’t know how far north we will go from there, but we will definitely let you know if we head that way.


  2. Hola chicos, hace poco encontré vuestro blog, felicitaciones! y gracias por compartir vuestras aventuras, un verdadero placer, hace unas semanas estuve en el puerto y me llamo la atención el dighy sobre la cabina, lamentablemente no me acerqué. Tengo una pregunta, còmo hacen con el cargador solar cuando hay viento fuerte? Tengo un 26 pies con un cargador flexible pero muy viejo y estoy buscando opciones, vuestra configuraciòn me vendrìa bien de bien.
    Saludos cordiales desde Uruguay y a la espera de que posteen más capítulos de vuestra aventura.
    Hi guys, I recently found your blog, congratulations! and thanks for sharing your adventures, a real pleasure, a few weeks ago I was in the port and I was struck by the dighy on the cabin, unfortunately I did not approach. I have a question, how do you do with the solar charger when there is strong wind? I have a 26 feet with a flexible but very old charger and I am looking for options, your configuration would come in handy.
    Best regards from Uruguay and waiting for you to post more chapters of your adventure.
    Darwin – Desacuerdo


    1. Hi Darwin, sorry we missed you. Is your boat in Piriapolis? We are anchored on the Riachuelo enjoying this beautiful river. We might stay here awhile. We would enjoy meeting you someday. We will be in Uruguay until December. Our 55 watt rigid solar panel is mounted on a stainless steel tube about 40mm thick. It can be tilted and swiveled to face the sun. In high winds we simply make the panel flat presenting minimal surface area to the wind and it has not been in danger. If we meet up you can take a look at it. Let us know if you have more questions. Thanks for writing!


      1. BrianDeb, thanks for taking the time to answer, yes, it is the “Disagreement”, design Frers 26 feet, wooden helmet, for life circumstances, I have it for sale, I bought it very deteriorated, it was rebuilt on the outside, now I am to do internal reconditioning, I have enjoyed your history and your ship, thanks to you I have discovered “Atom Voyages”, that person is a magician with reconstruction!
        I am new in the nautical, I have sailed little, but a passionate about the subject for many years (I 53).
        They are in a beautiful area of our beloved country. I do not speak English, this I write with the Google translator.
        Best regards.



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