Video: Cubic Mini Cub Wood Stove

We are loving springtime in Uruguay, and we’ve made the time to reflect back on winter in Uruguay with our new Cubic Mini Cub wood stove. We hope you enjoy the video!

Thank you Chuck for bringing us the wood stove, and for all the tips on birding!

10 thoughts on “Video: Cubic Mini Cub Wood Stove”

  1. Hey Deb and Brian,
    We are fascinated by the wood stove video! We too heat with wood (much larger scale!) in addition to an oil-fired furnace. As I write, Jim is stacking the last of the 3 cord of dry hard wood that will get us through the Vermont winter. Enough to sink your boat! Your stove is adorable!
    We bought a 15-foot vintage style camping trailer this summer and are learning to “live small” in it. Tom dog alone takes up most of the floor space in the evening! We really love it and are off to the White Mountains of New Hampshire this weekend.
    Safe travels,
    With love,
    Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim

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    1. Hi Aunt Sue and Uncle Jim!
      We are happy to hear from you! Thanks for watching the video. It is interesting to read about your wood heating setup; the trip I took with my parents to your former place in New York was one of my very few snow experiences! I remember Tom dog being very helpful and cute when he would bring me my wools socks. The trailer and White Mountains sound like a good combination for adventure and fun. We like to think of living small as an ongoing process of adaptation. Sometimes, especially when we’re doing chores or projects, we really appreciate having a small boat, a big one would take a lot more maintenance.
      All the best to you both! Love you guys!
      Brian and Deb


  2. Awesome ! This needs to be on Discovery Channel as a series. I especially enjoyed the bluegrass background music to the “at work” portion……Love y’all !


    1. Hi Godfather! Thanks! We’re glad you liked the video. Jason’s music makes it a lot more fun to create the videos (and to watch them)! We love you and Aunt Lynn! Thanks for the comment 🙂


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